This night cam didn’t just capture a bolting deer, but a disturbing figure of a child.


This is an extremely unusual photograph taken in Canada in 1940. The mysterious man seems to be wearing modern clothing and carrying a camera. The picture’s authenticity was proven by NTV in Russia in 2010 but has not been explained.


This is a brutal and horrific photograph that appears to depict human sacrifice at the hands of cult members.


This innocent photograph of a child at play took a disturbing turn when the picture was developed. Not only does there appear to be a clear, ghostlike figure crawling across the floor, and that it seems the girl can see it to.


Another troubling photo outside a home, when it appears somebody is waiting for them inside.


Have you stood in front of this notice? Can you imagine being part of those weird games…?


This is a picture of Jeremy Bentham. At his request, he was taxidermied after his death. Allegedly, the process to preserve the head went wrong so his head was replaced with a wax substitute and the actual head was left at his feet.


This creepy photograph appears to depict five masked women dancing over the bodies of two young girls.


This is an example of a spirit orb. They are a fairly recent phenomenon that have been captured thanks to the introduction of digital cameras. They are evidence of spirit presence.


What’s up with Blanket Mom here?


What is this demonic creature caught on night vision camera?


There is something particularly disturbing about the idyllic farm home background, the innocent dresses and then, well, those weird-a** masks.


Three girls find themselves in the company of a ghoulish fourth guest in this spooky picture.


Robert A. Ferguson was speaking in LA in 1968, as he had authored a booked on psychic telemetry.

Upon looking at this photograph, he became convinced that the ghostly image which appears standing next to him is that of his late brother, who died during WWII.


This photograph was taken on the island of Miyakejima, Japan. The high level of volcanic activity that causes poisonous gas to leak from the earth means that residents have to wear gas masks at all times.


According to the lady who took this photograph, she was home alone all night and received no visitors. She was disturbed to see that somebody had approached her home as she slept.