We’ve all experienced those terribly awkward and embarrassing moments – sometimes in front of our friends, sometimes in front of our family and sometimes, if we are particularly unlucky, in public. At least we can thankful that those moments are witnessed by a couple of people in the worst of cases. However, when you’re constantly in the public eye, you can bet that your awkward moments and mishaps will be displayed for everyone to see. Here are some of the awkward celebrity moments we simply can’t get over.

1 awkward celeb moments

Katy Perry cake dive – Katy Parry is always making sure that her live performances are unique and full of interesting and weird things. I this case it may have seemed like a great idea to dive into a giant cake on the stage, but everything went embarrassingly wrong for Katy as she awkwardly slid down the cake, and landed on the stage floor covered in icing. Poor Katy couldn’t get up as well, because of the slippery floor.

2 awkward celeb moments

Leo loves bananas – Leonardo DiCaprio was just 21 years old when this funny picture was taken, which means that he had already done a couple of high profile movies and TV shows. So, what’s the purpose of this picture and why was it taken it the first place? Nobody really knows, but it’s totally awkward and embarrassing. Bet he regrets it now!

3 awkward celeb moments

Britney Spears’ meltdown – Back in 2007, Britney’s career took a downward spiral and reached its lowest point. After multiple failed relationships, a divorce and couple of trips to rehab, Britney completely lost control of her life and career. After losing the custody of her children, she finally reached a breaking point and couldn’t take the pressure any more. Britney shaved her head completely in what can only be described as a desperate cry for help. Fortunately, despite her traumatic experience, Britney managed to get her career back on track.

4 awkward celeb moments

Mel Gibson gets himself in a lot of trouble – When you are constantly under the watchful eyes of the tabloids, you can’t afford to have a problem with alcohol. But that’s not the only problem Mel Gibson has gotten himself into. His violent behavior and threats towards his ex-girlfriend Oskana Grigorieva also affected his career negatively.

5 awkward celeb moments

Michael Richards loses his patience with a heckler – Michael Richards, star of the mega popular 90s comedy sitcom Seinfeld suddenly lost his temper and snapped at the very persistent heckler that was on one of his stand-up shows. Now, everything would be well and fine if Richards responded with some witty joke to handle the bothersome heckler, but he completely lost the plot and starting hurling racial slurs and calling the heckler in question the “n-word” many times. His career as an actor and comedian was pretty much over after that incident and his fans were shocked and disappointed.

6 awkward celeb moments

Charlie Sheen’s weird and awkward rant – I’m sure that we can all agree that this tiger-blooded warlock had to make the list. Who doesn’t remember Charlie Sheen’s completely bizarre and awkward statements he made on TV back in 2011. He was claiming that he was on a drug called Charlie Sheen, that he has tiger blood running through his veins and that he is constantly “winning,” which left the viewers completely puzzled and confused.

7 awkward celeb moments

Tom Cruise on Oprah Winfrey show – What came over Tom Cruise that day on Oprah Winfrey show back in 2005 is still highly speculated. Tom simply couldn’t control his emotions and it seemed that the famous movie star was completely out of his mind.

8 awkward celeb moments

Will not kiss – Will Smith always seems like a nice guy who never gets angry. But everyone has their limits and invading someone’s personal space is never ok. That was the lesson one Ukrainian reporter learned when he tried to forcefully kiss Will on the lips. The reporter in question was pushed away by Will and has also received a little smack on the cheek.

9 awkward celeb moments

Kathy vs Gravity – Now, we all like to have a good time when we’re going out and sometimes that means having a couple of drinks with our friends. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t settle for just a few beers and that makes us more prone to awkward moments. That is likely what happened to comedian Kathy Griffin when she took a nasty tumble while coming out of her car.

10 awkward celeb moments

50’s failed pitch – 50 Cent made an embarrassing pitch and one that many considered the worst ceremonial pitch in the history of Citi Field. 50 always seemed full of confidence and took pride in his constitution and physique, but this failed display of accuracy will surely hunt him for the rest of his career.

11 awkward celeb moments

Ashlee Simpson lip syncs – In October 2004 Ashlee Simpson was caught off guard when performing her second song Pieces of Me at the Saturday Night Live. The timing of the band was off and something behind the scenes must have gone wrong, because the vocals were triggered too early, while the microphone was still away from her mouth.

12 awkward celeb moments

Janet’s wardrobe malfunction – In 2004, during the halftime show at the Super Bowl, Janet Jackson had the infamous wardrobe malfunction. Or at least that is what the media called it. While performing the song Rock Your Body her surprise guest Justin Timberlake appeared on the stage and pulled down a part of Janet’s costume, revealing her right breast. Many still believe this awkward incident was just a publicity stunt.

13 awkward celeb moments

Fergie has an accident – During a live performance in 2005, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie couldn’t hold it in any longer and sadly wet herself a bit while on stage. A large wet spot was clearly visible on her pants and she later tried to cover it up by dousing herself in champagne.

14 awkward celeb moments

Christina Aguilera tanning mishap – Christina Aguilera was invited to perform during the funeral of the legendary singer and songwriter Etta James. During her performance an unknown liquid started to drip from under her skirt and down her right leg. Aguilera later explained that it was an excess of spray tan liquid that was still drying on her skin, but many were left wondering if this was true.

15 awkward celeb moments

Zac Efron drops his protection – Zac Efron was strolling down the red carpet during a film premiere when suddenly something dropped out of his pocket. Can you guess what it was? A condom. Zac paid no attention to it and just kept walking and leaving it on the ground. Even though this was a minor embarrassment, it was still funny seeing him being awkward about it.

16 awkward celeb moments

Julianne Hough’s controversial Halloween costume – Julianne Hough was in a very uncomfortable situation, to say the least, when she decided that her Halloween costume should be a popular character from the hit TV show Orange is the New Black called Crazy Eyes. The problem was not the outfit itself, but the fact that she used makeup to make herself look black.

17 awkward celeb moments

Bieber’s bad day – Justin Bieber seems to get himself in trouble more often than not. But still, touring and being constantly on the road is not easy at all. During one of his performances a while back, Bieber suddenly felt very ill and started vomiting on stage. Apparently, it wasn’t a big deal because he continued performing shortly after.

18 awkward celeb moments

Jennifer’s tumble at the Oscars – Every actor’s dream is winning an Oscar. It is a pinnacle of someone’s acting career and it is an event to remember. Unfortunately for Jennifer Lawrence, she will most likely remember it for her rather embarrassing fall that happened while she was walking up the stairs to receive her award.

19 awkward celeb moments

Beyonce’s trouble with a fan – While performing on one of her concerts, Beyonce decided to step down from the stage and interact with her adoring fans. While she was singing, Queen B didn’t notice that was standing too close to a stage fan and it caught one of her heir locks. This incident could been much worse, but luckily for Beyonce her team was quick to act.

20 awkward celeb moments

Kanye vs parking lot sign – Kanye and Kim found themselves in a rather embarrassing situation when they were trying to avoid a persistent paparazzi. While they were rushing away from them Kanye hit his head on the parking lot sign. Ouch!

21 awkward celeb moments

Madonna’s surprise kiss – Madonna love publicity and in this case she used Drake to get more of it. While she was performing her song, Drake was sitting down on a chair on the stage. Suddenly Madonna decided that it was a good idea to stand behind the rapper and lean in for a kiss. Judging by Drake’s reaction, he did not seem to enjoy the moment at all and looked completely disgusted by her kiss.

22 awkward celeb moments

You’re a donkey – Awkward and embarrassing moments often happen on live shows, but it’s sometimes even more humiliating when it happens on social media. Why? Because when you’re using social you have all the time you need to write something funny, witty or meaningful. That’s exactly what happened to Lindsay Lohan when she posted a picture with Arabic text on Twitter. She posted what she thought were Arabic words for “You’re beautiful,” but the words actually meant “You’re a donkey.”

23 awkward celeb moments

Wrong photo – Here’s another social media mishap and this time it was even more embarrassing and cringe worthy. Dean McDermott had an intention to share his son’s picture on the social media but ended up accidentally posting a picture of his wife’s naked breasts.

24 awkward celeb moments

The higher the heels, the harder you fall – The new pop star sensation Ariana Grande was performing and singing her song Bang Bang in Toronto when a part of the stage collapsed underneath her causing her to take a rather tricky fall. However, she almost immediately recovered and moved on with her performance like a pro.

25 awkward celeb moments

Pink’s stage fall – Talking about falling down and immediately getting back up again, Pink went through something very similar. She just brushed herself off and continued performing like a true professional.

26 awkward celeb moments

Taylor Swift pulled a Marilyn Monroe – Taylor Swift had her very own Marilyn Monroe moment while singing on stage. She stepped very close to a giant fan that blew air up her skirt. Taylor handled this little incident pretty well and kept performing without a pause.

27 awkward celeb moments

Jennifer Lawrence falls down again – This event actually happened 2014 and this time around Jennifer didn’t even make it to the venue before taking a fall. While she was leaving the vehicle, the actress tripped, but thankfully friends were there to help her out.