What’s going on with all those famous 90s musicians like Ricky Martin, The Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears these days? Read on to find out what they look like and what they’re up after two decades.

1 90s musicians

Justin Timberlake Then – Ever since NSYNC was formed in 1995 it was clear that Timberlake has a very bright future as a solo artist. Not to mention that girls around the world swooned over this guy.

2 90s musicians

Justin Timberlake Now – Justin released his first solo album in 2000 and ever since then his solo career has been on the rise. He sold millions of albums and got involved in the film industry as well. He recently released another hit single called Can’t Stop The Feeling.

3 90s musicians

Britney Spears Then – Britney was one of the biggest pop stars in the 90s and early 2000s. Pretty much every teenager was in love with Britney, and her albums sold tens of millions of records around the globe. Some of her hit songs from this era include …Baby One More Time and Oops!… I Did It Again.

4 90s musicians

Britney Spears Now – Nowadays, the 34-year-old star definitely isn’t selling as much, but she still looks good, despite the fact that she had a few public meltdowns in the past. It seems she finally has her life under control.

5 90s musicians

Mary J. Blige Then – The popular R&B singer entered the scene back in 1992 with hit singles like Real Love and You Remind Me. She sold more than 50 million albums since then.

6 90s musicians

Mary J. Blige Now – Mary is still releasing albums every few years and is considered one of the greatest artists in her genre. She has influenced many R&B singers who came after her.

7 90s musicians

Green Day Then – Billie Joe Armstrong and his band mates formed Green Day back in 1989, but it wasn’t until the late 90s and early s00s that they gained massive following.

8 90s musicians

Green Day Now – The Green Day members definitely don’t look as young as they did when they first hit the stage — but hey — they are closing in on 50, and for their age, they definitely look amazing. It’s been a while since they released a new album, but they promised new music is on the way.

9 90s musicians

Enrique Iglesias Then – The Spanish singer had multiple standout songs during the 90s. He made a lot of ladies swoon, thanks to his stunning looks and his great voice.

10 90s musicians

Enrique Iglesias Now – No, this isn’t another photo of Enrique taken in the 90s. Time is just that kind to him. Also, he is still very active on the music scene and is actually touring this year.

11 90s musicians

Mariah Carey Then – Mariah is without the doubt one of the most successful female artists ever. She released her first album in 1990, and pretty much went on to dominate the entire decade. Mariah is also one of the most beautiful singers from this era.

12 90s musicians

Mariah Carey Now – Considering she sold more than 200 million albums around the world, she doesn’t really have to release new music, but she still does it every several years. Her weight has been known in the last couple of years, but it seems she has it under control lately.

13 90s musicians

George Michael Then – George is one of the most successful 90s singers to come from England. His albums sold millions of copies all over the globe thanks to hits like I Knew You Were Waiting.

14 90s musicians

George Michael Now – Fans were looking forward to seeing George Michael’s rumored 2016 tour, but unfortunately it’s not happening due to singer’s constant trips to rehabs.

15 90s musicians

Spice Girls Then – Is there anyone who didn’t like the popular English pop group? We highly doubt it! Spice Girls set the bar high for all girl bands back in the 90s.

16 90s musicians

Spice Girls Now – The girls are still looking gorgeous and are actually doing a reunion tour this year! Unfortunately, Victoria Beckham’s schedule is too busy, which means Posh Spice won’t be part of the tour.

17 90s musicians

Coolio Then – While he never became as successful as some other rappers from the 90s like Jay Z and Tupac, he definitely made a name for himself thanks to his mega hit Gangsta’s Paradise.

18 90s musicians

Coolio Now – These days, he’s rocking an even weirder haircut and has decided to give up the mic and become a chef. He hosts his own program called Cookin’ With Coolio.

19 90s musicians

TLC Then – Although they were not as popular as Spice Girls, the American girl group had some pretty huge hits in the 90s including No Scrubs, Creep and Waterfalls.

20 90s musicians

TLC Now – As you may know, one of the girls (Lisa Lopez) passed away, but Tionne and Rozonda are planning a comeback tour this year.

21 90s musicians

Nirvana Then – Nirvana is one of the most legendary rock bands from the early 90s. They gained incredible amount of attention after the release of their 1991 single Smells Like Teen Spirit.

22 90s musicians

Nirvana Now – Following the unfortunate death of Kurt Cobain, the band fell apart, but its members are still active in music today. Dave Grohl recently performed a David Bowie tribute during 2016 Grammys.

23 90s musicians

Seal Then – English singer and songwriter rose to fame in the 90s thanks to hits like Crazy and Kiss From A Rose. His facial scars made him very memorable, but it’s his voice that made people fall in love with him.

24 90s musicians

Seal Now – Seal recently released a new studio album and he also did some musical acting in The Passion, a music TV special broadcasted by Fox. Also, it seems years have been kind to Seal, because he didn’t age much since the 90s.

25 90s musicians

Jennifer Lopez Then – Dancer-turned-singer rose to global fame after dropping her debut album, On the 6, back in 1999. Even before that, she made a name for herself by starring in the 1997.

26 90s musicians

Jennifer Lopez Now – J. Lo continued releasing many successful albums and movies over the years. What’s even more impressive is the fact that she looks just as gorgeous as she did in the 90s. It’s almost as if she refuses to age.

27 90s musicians

Ricky Martin Then – Although Ricky got his first taste of fame back in the 80s, it wasn’t until the next decade that he reached his peak with global hits like Livin’ la Vida Loca, She’s All I Ever Had and Shake Your Bon-Bon.

28 90s musicians

Ricky Martin Now – Since then, Martin released a couple of albums in English and Spanish. Back in 2008, he welcomed twins Matteo and Valentino via a surrogate, and two years later he came out as gay. At the moment, Martin is dating Jwan Yosef, who is a judge on The Voice Mexico.

29 90s musicians

Christina Aguilera Then – Back in 1999, when Aguilera released her first single Genie In a Bottle, she gave Britney a serious run for the money. Suddenly, there was another stunning pop singer on the scene who had an amazing voice and wasn’t afraid to show some skin.

30 90s musicians

Christina Aguilera Now – Christina hasn’t released an album since 2012, although we see her semi-regularly as she appears on NBC’s singing competition show called The Voice as a coach. Aguilera’s weight fluctuated quite a bit during the last several years, but it seems she finally has it under control.

31 90s musicians

The Backstreet Boys Then – The popular 90s boy band stole hearts of many teeny boppers around the world with their good looks and great voices. In 1997, they released an album which dominated pop charts for a long time.

32 90s musicians

The Backstreet Boys Now – Although one of the members left the band, they actually reunited in 2012, and released a new album in 2013, which peaked at #5 on the Billboard 200 chart.

33 90s musicians

Hanson Then – Can you believe it’s been two decades since Hanson’s MMMBop dominated charts all over the world. Their single was #1 in 27 countries! Pretty much everybody loved this band that consisted of three brothers.

34 90s musicians

Hanson Now – The three brothers are now fathers and they have nine kids among them! They also released a new album in 2013, but it failed to achieve a lot of success.

35 90s musicians

Shania Twain Then – Although she started out as a country singer, in the mid 90s Shania became a crossover artist and has since achieved tremendous amount of success. Some of her most successful songs are Come on Over and Man, I Feel Like a Woman.

36 90s musicians

Shania Twain Now – After a short hiatus, Twain returned to music with her Las Vegas residency that lasted for four years and ended in 2015. She is currently working on releasing a new album.

37 90s musicians

Lenny Kravitz Then – Lenny has produced and written a lot of songs for many major acts back in the day, but his own music also became very popular after the release of his 1993 album Are You Gonna Go My Way.

38 90s musicians

Lenny Kravitz Now – Kravitz continued to make music well beyond the 1990s. Back in 2011, he released a new album called Black and White America. He also had a lot of success with acting, having appeared in movies like The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

39 90s musicians

Toni Braxton Then – Braxton meteoric rise to fame started in 1993, after she released a self-titled debut album, which went on to sell more than 10 million copies around the world. It featured hit songs like Breath Again and Another Sad Love Song. It may sound impossible, but she actually managed to spend all her money by 1998 and had to file for bankruptcy.

40 90s musicians

Toni Braxton Now – You’d think years have thought the singer something, but Toni filed for another bankruptcy in 2010. Thankfully, it seems that she picked herself up since then. She wrote a memoir in 2011 and currently stars in reality TV show called Braxton Family Values.