Pretty much everybody is familiar with the Titanic disaster, which claimed the lives of 1,517 people. What you may not know is that almost a century after the 1912 tragedy occurred, astonishing never-before-seen photos of the disaster and its aftermath emerged. Let’s check them out!

1 titanic disaster

This photo was taken just a couple of minuted after the “unsinkable” Titanic set sail from Southhampton, England on April 10, 1912.

2 titanic disaster

This is one of the last photographs of Titanic taken from the shore as the ship departed towards New York City.

3 titanic disaster

This photo shows some of the workers from the Harland & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast, where the largest ship of its time was built.

4 titanic disaster

Here’s another vivid picture that was taken just before Titanic set sail. Nobody is certain what caused the fatal crash of this humongous ship, but many believe it had something to do with low grade rivets.

5 titanic disaster

Wealthier passengers were offered luxurious dining tables with the best meals, but none of this mattered when Titanic started sinking. This photo of Titanic’s luxurious dining room was taken not too long before it sunk.

6 titanic disaster

Pictured above is the second class dining. Many believe that only rich people were Titanic’s passengers, but actually 90% of them were put in the second class accommodations.

7 titanic disaster

This was ship’s captain – Edward John Smith This picture dates back to a couple of days before Titanic set sail. Captain Smith wasn’t blamed directly for the ship’s unfortunate faith.

8 titanic disaster

This photo is definitely chilling. It is believed that this is the actual iceberg that sunk the gigantic ship. This picture was snappedĀ some time after Titanic sunk.

9 titanic disaster

Thankfully, some passengers survived the Titanic crash. A lot of them were picked up by lifeboats, just like the one pictured above. This one belongs to RMS Carpathia, which played a crucial role in saving 705 of Titanic’s passengers.

10 titanic disaster

Here’s another photo of survivors rowings towards the Carpathia in what appears to be relatively calm seas.

11 titanic disaster

This vivid photo shows some of the surviving passengers who were approached by the press as soon as they were transported to the shore. The press was desperate to find out what exactly happened out there.

12 titanic disaster

Thousands of people gathered on the streets of New York, patiently waiting for the arrival of RMS Carpathia…

13 titanic disaster

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as the Titanic crash was a disaster of huge proportions back in the early 20th century. People from all over the city gathered in Broadway, awaiting for any news on the crash.

14 titanic disaster

People also gathered outside the Sun Building in downtown New York, where they could read news bulletins posted on the wall.

15 titanic disaster

Pictured above are Laura Francatelli, as well as her employers Lady Lucy Duff-Gordon and Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon. They are among the 705 lucky survivors saved by RMS Carpathia.

16 titanic disaster

This is what a Titanic passenger ticket looked like. The owner of this ticket lost her father and three brothers in the unfortunate disaster.

17 titanic disaster

In case you were wondering what kind of food people on the Titanic were served, check out the photo of the menu that dates back to April 14, 1912.

18 titanic disaster

This is a more recent photo that dates back to 2009. Pictured above is a 17-ton section of Titanic wreckage that was recovered from the ocean.

19 titanic disaster

As you might have guessed it, a lot of things that were found in the Titanic wreckage were auctioned off for a lot of money, like this gold watch that was owned by Carl Asplund, one of the unfortunate souls who lost his life in the crash.

20 titanic disaster

This image shows some other artifacts that were also recovered from the Titanic, like this piece of jewelry and old dollar bills.