We all have at least a few of snacks that we used to eat as children that have since been discontinued. Here are 27 childhood snacks that we wish we could taste at least one more time.

1 childhood snacks

Kellogg’s Pokémon Cereal – Who remembers this delicious cereal with marshmallows shaped like your favorite Pokémon? Kellogg’s Pokémon Cereal featured marshmallow in the shape of Pikachu, Odish, Polywhirl and Ditto. We want it back now!

2 childhood snacks

PB Max – According to a former Mars executive, they discontinued the popular candy bar because they aren’t big fans of peanut butter. What’s wrong with them? PB Max was so delicious!

3 childhood snacks

Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug – Powdered bubble gum that came in a jug? Hell yeah! Times were wild back in the day.

4 childhood snacks

Oreo O’s – These were definitely not the healthiest breakfast option out there, but damn this cereal tasted good!

5 childhood snacks

3D Doritos – Plain old 2D Doritos are so last century. Doritos, can you please bring back the extra dimension.

6 childhood snacks

Vanilla Monster Munch – Vanilla ice cream flavored Monster Munch? They definitely existed, and yes — they were delicious.

7 childhood snacks

Mars Delight – Quite a few people agree that this Mars candy was better than the original Mars bars, which is why we find it really odd these aren’t available anymore. Then again, we’re talking about the same company that stopped making PB Max because they don’t like peanut butter…

8 childhood snacks

Cadbury Snowlake – A white chocolate edition of the classic Cadbury Flake tasted so good! Makes us really sad that they aren’t making these anymore…

9 childhood snacks

Kellogg’s Chocolate Vanilla Creme Pop Tarts – Kellogg Company, if you’re reading this, please bring back this flavor. It was so tasty!

10 childhood snacks

Terry’s White Chocolate Orange – This delicious treat was discontinued due to low demand. It was a real blow for every white chocolate fan out there.

11 childhood snacks

Surge Soda – Sure, it’s probably healthier to eat plain sugar than it was to drink Surge, but it was sooooo delicious!

12 childhood snacks

Shark Bites – Typically sharks bite people, but with these you had the opportunity bite a shark. On top of that, they were also very delicious!