Even before she decided to run for the President of the United States, Hillary Clinton was a pretty prominent political figure. She is the wife of former President Bill Clinton, and was the Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. Considering the fact that Mrs. Clinton may become the next US President, it’s time we learn as much as we can about her. Here are 33 little known facts about Hillary Clinton.

1 facts hillary clinton

Hillary wasn’t that keen on marrying Bill – In fact, she rejected a few of his proposals. The first time he proposed they were in England, and she declined. After a couple of additional unsuccessful attempts, he swore he would never ask again. However, a few years later he bought a house in Arkansas that Hillary really liked, took her there and said he couldn’t live there alone. She finally said yes.

2 facts hillary clinton

Hillary won a Grammy – We’re not even kidding! In 1997, Hillary won the prestigious award for Best Spoken Word Album for the audio recording of her book It Takes A Village. “This is my first ever Grammy, and as I said when I thanked everybody, I didn’t even know that people who couldn’t sing a note and were tone-deaf were eligible for any Grammys,” she said after the event. We didn’t either…

3 facts hillary clinton

Hillary can hold her liquor – That’s what the rumors say, at least. Apparently, she outdrank John McCain back in 2004, when both of them were on a tour of Estonia. They were at a restaurant and decided to take shots of vodka. She won by drinking four in the row.

4 facts hillary clinton

She loves hot sauce – Hillary enjoys eating spicy food. She even carries around red pepper flakes and a small bottle of Tabasco Hot Sauce wherever she goes. Have you ever put hot sauce on your salad? In case you were wondering, Hillary does all the time.

5 facts hillary clinton

Hillary wanted to have a big family – Unfortunately, she had a medical condition that eventually impaired her fertility. This is why Bill and Hillary have only one daughter together.

6 facts hillary clinton

She failed the bar exam – As you might know, Hillary graduated from Yale Law School. Despite finishing such an prestigious law school, she actually failed the bar exam the first time she took it in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Clinton tried once more in Arkansas after a while, and this time around she totally nailed it.

7 facts hillary clinton

Hillary was a Republican – This may be hard to believe, but back in 1964 Hilary was not only a Republican, but she even worked on Barry Goldwater’s campaign. Four years later, she left the GOP and became a member of the Democratic Party.

8 facts hillary clinton

Politics wasn’t her first calling – When Mrs. Clinton was young, she wanted to become a baseball player. After that, Hillary wanted to be an astronaut and she even wrote NASA a letter saying that she’d love to work for them. They responded back saying that they don’t accept women.

9 facts hillary clinton

Hillary and Bill met in the Yale Law Library – This is one of the first photos of them together. Both of them were a bit hippie back then, don’t you think?

10 facts hillary clinton

How Hillary met Bill – After they exchanged a couple of flirtatious glances at the aforementioned library, she went over to Bill and said, “If you keep looking at me, and I’m going to keep looking back, we might as well be introduced. I’m Hillary Rodham.” Hillary said that the thing that attracted her to him was the fact that he wasn’t afraid of her.

11 facts hillary clinton

Hillary wanted to join the Marines – She tried to join the Marines at 27, but she was rejected. “You’re too old, you can’t see, and you’re a woman. Maybe ‘the dogs’ (the Army) would take you,” her recruiter said.

12 facts hillary clinton

She doesn’t drive – Hillary used to drive a car back in the day, but it’s been 20 years since she got behind the wheel. Being driven everywhere is just one of the advantages of being an important figure.

13 facts hillary clinton

Before she became a lawyer, she gutted fish – In order to make some cash during her time at the law school, Mrs. Clinton worked at a canning factory in Alaska, where she gutted fish.

14 facts hillary clintonn

She was the director of Walmart – Not only did she serve as the director of this huge company for six years, but Hillary was also the first female member of Walmart’s board. During her time in the company, Hillary fought very hard to add women to Walmart’s management team.

15 facts hillary clinton

She got really lucky on the stock market one time – Hillary once turned $1,000 into $100,000 in just 10 months thanks to a very lucky investment. This happened back in 1978.

16 facts hillary clinton

She was both U.S. Senator and First Lady for 20 days – Bill Clinton left the White House on January 20, 2001, and Hillary became a U.S. Senator on January 1, 2001, which means she held both of these titles for 20 days.

17 facts hillary clinton

Wage difference between Hillary and Bill – Back in the early 1990s, Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas and was making $35,000 a year. At the time Hillary was making $100,000 a year at her law firm. These days, they both pocket millions per year.

18 facts hillary clinton

Hillary’s $20,000 necklace – Hillary wore this staggering necklace that featured a 4.25-carat Kahn diamond during Bill’s inauguration as governor of Arkansas, back in 1983. Like we previously mentioned, Bill’s salary was just $35,000 at the time.

19 facts hillary clinton

She loves detective novels – Detective fiction is Hillary’s favorite genre of books, and she often reads them when she’s trying to relax.

20 facts hillary clinton

Hillary and Bill Clinton attend different churches – She was raised a Methodist, while her husband is a Southern Baptist.

21 facts hillary clinton

Hillary’s father – Hugh Ellsworth Rodham was a textile wholesaler who later opened a fabric print plant building. Apparently, he was very domineering, which probably helped prepare Hillary for the life of politics.

22 facts hillary clinton

She modeled for Vogue – Hillary graced the covers of Vogue back in December of 1998, but she backed out of her 2007 shoot, saying that she didn’t want too look too feminine.

23 facts hillary clinton

She was a really good lawyer – Apparently, Hillary was a big shot lawyer. The National Law Journal even named her one of the 100 most powerful lawyers in the United States back in 1988, and once more in 1991.

24 facts hillary clinton

Hillary was the only First Lady to be subpoenaed – As you may be aware, Hillary was subpoenaed for her involvement with the Whitewater controversy, as well as for a criminal investigation involving Filegate and Travelgate. Additionally, Hillary and Bill are the only First Couple that was fingerprinted by the FBI.

25 facts hillary clinton

She won the TV quiz show College Bowl – Back when she was a student, Hillary appeared as a contestant on this TV quiz show and went on to win a couple of times. Very impressive!

26 facts hillary clinton

First woman to… – Hillary accomplished many feats. She was the first woman elected to the New York Senate, as well as the first woman to become a full partner of Rose Law. She could become the first President of the United States very soon.

27 facts hillary clinton

Hillary organized a baby-sitting group – Back when she was only 11 years old, Hillary and a couple of her friends volunteered to babysit for the children of migrant workers at a local church.

28 facts hillary clinton

She visited 79 countries as the First Lady – Hillary surpassed Pat Nixon’s record of the highest number of countries visited by the First Lady.

29 facts hillary clinton

She visited 112 countries as the Secretary of State – If you thought the previous figure was impressive — think again. During her 4-year term, Hillary visited 112 countries and flew more than 1 million miles!

30 facts hillary clinton

Hillary Rodham – For quite a while, Hillary kept using her surname even after marrying Bill, so she could keep her personal life separate from her husband’s work. However, both hers and Bill’s mother were upset by this decision, so she decided to change her last name.

31 facts hillary clinton

Evergreen – Evergreen was the code name Secret Service used for Hillary while she was still the First Lady. Bill Clinton’s code name was the Eagle.

32 facts hillary clinton

Bill’s mother thought Hillary wasn’t pretty enough for him – Apparently, she spoke very negative of Hillary’s looks. Of course, Bill stood up for her, and didn’t let his mom’s opinion influence his choice to be with Hillary.

33 facts hillary clinton

Hillary was a fangirl over Fabian Forte – Apparently, she was president of her high school’s Fabian Fan Club. In case you didn’t know, Fabian was pretty popular singer and teen idol in the late 1950s and early 1960s.