Like you probably know, the Vietnam War was a very lengthy and expensive armed conflict between the United States and South Vietnam, and North Vietnam and its southern allies (Viet Cong). Many people were killed on both sides, and many soldiers who survived the war were left with lasting consequences like PTSD, which made life at home very difficult. We’ve seen a lot of pictures from the Vietnam War, but every now and then a new set of photos appears that we’ve never seen before. Here are 50 rare Vietnam photos that were thought to be lost!

1 vietnam rare pics

It is estimated that up to 3 million Vietnamese soldiers and civilians were killed in this war that lasted for 20 years.

2 vietnam rare pics

Additionally, 300,000 Cambodians, up to 200,000 Laotians and almost 60,000 US soldiers died in the conflict.

3 vietnam rare pics

Many soldiers lost one or more limbs during the war, which impaired them for life.

4 vietnam rare pics

Even during the war people take their time to appreciate the wildlife. It’s a shame that a lot of natural habitats were destroyed during the Vietnam War.

5 vietnam rare pics

This brave soldier is making sure the kids remain safe.

6 vietnam rare pics

Thanks to the helicopter above them, these soldier were able to know what dangers were ahead of them.

7 vietnam rare pics

Reinforcements on the way!

8 vietnam rare pics

Finding a safe landing zone for helicopters to deliver food and other goods is one of the most important things during the war.

9 vietnam rare pics

Taking children to safety was one of the hardest things, because most kids were totally confused by the whole situation.

10 vietnam rare pics

Medics played a huge role in saving lives of soldiers that would otherwise be lost…

11 vietnam rare pics

Here’s a cool tip for survivalists. These soldiers are using the easiest way to collect rain water. All you have to do is find a leaf that will guide it to your canister.

12 vietnam rare pics

Here’s just a glimpse of what Vietnam natives were going through on a daily basis. Just imagine how scared they were…

13 vietnam rare pics

When grenades start to go off there’s no turning back…

14 vietnam rare pics

Suffering is part of every war. Just imagine how many similar situations happened during the 20 years this war lasted.

15 vietnam rare pics

Having access to a lot of helicopters is one of the reasons why United States had less casualties. Helicopters could scope out the field and get soldiers to vantage points…

16 vietnam rare pics

… Of course, tanks were just as important.

17 vietnam rare pics

War is full of difficult moments… Calling the medic to check on your fellow brother in arms is just one of them.

18 vietnam rare pics

When the sun comes down, flares had to be used to illuminate the dark roads.

19 vietnam rare pics

The cards on this young soldier’s helmet were meant to serves as a reminder of his parents — his queen and his king.

20 vietnam rare pics

A lot of soldiers died from exhaustion or dehydration during the Vietnam War…

21 vietnam rare pics

Unfortunately, many civilians also died during this horrible war, including some women and children.

22 vietnam rare pics

New recruits were joining the battlefield almost every single day.

23 vietnam rare pics

These soldiers are taking a moment to honor their fellow brothers in arms who are no longer with them.

24 vietnam rare pics

A little bit of humor goes a long way when you’re on the battlefield.

25 vietnam rare pics

Stopping to snap a photo and send it to your loved ones is never a bad idea.

26 vietnam rare pics

There’s no doubt about it — medics have one of the hardest jobs on the battlefield. Just imagine being under pressure of keeping your comrades healthy and alive all of the time.

27 vietnam rare pics

No man left behind!

28 vietnam rare pics

Abandoned pets deserve to be rescued as well…

29 vietnam rare pics

This photo is full of emotions. Look at the pain and misery in faces of these people.

30 vietnam rare pics

Apparently, bunny ears were a thing even back then.

31 vietnam rare pics

Just imagine how difficult it is to encourage your brother in arm to stay calm and wait for the medic when you know that he’s probably not going to make it.

32 vietnam rare pics

Destruction… Destruction everywhere…

33 vietnam rare pics

This guys are sending a rather interesting message to their enemies.

34 vietnam rare pics

People get a bit lonely after years of duty. It never hurts to look at some beautiful women in these situations…

35 vietnam rare pics

This guy is trying his best to put on his mean face, but we just can’t take him seriously with those bunny ears behind his head.

36 vietnam rare pics

Sometimes it’s difficult to stumble upon a little piece of shade…

37 vietnam rare pics

Enemy soldiers weren’t the only scary thing US soldiers had to face in Vietnam.

38 vietnam rare pics

A lot of soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War were very young! And a lot of them were scarred for life…

39 vietnam rare pics

Just because you’re in a war doesn’t mean your hair can’t still be slick!

40 vietnam rare pics

Buttoning up and preparing to go to battle.

41 vietnam rare pics

This soldier’s eyes tell so much. He’s definitely been through a lot.

42 vietnam rare pics

Spending time in a tank all the time must not be easy, so it must be nice to open up the hatch and enjoy some fresh air every now and then.

43 vietnam rare pics

It’d be really interested if we could fin out this guy’s story. It’s not everyday that you see a photo of a soldier in the battlefield who’s wearing a peace necklace.

44 vietnam rare pics

That’s one way of showing your lover back home that you’re still faithful.

45 vietnam rare pics

You need to have big guns to hold a huge rifle like this one…

46 vietnam rare pics

The look in his eyes is giving me chills!

47 vietnam rare pics

A bunch of American soldiers training for an upcoming battle…

48 vietnam rare pics

This has to be one of the most powerful photos taken during the Vietnam War. It shows just how scared children were while running for their lives…

49 vietnam rare pics

Awesome ride you’ve got there!

50 vietnam rare pics

New recruits undergoing physical examinations in Haiphong.