Flight crews from all over the world were asked to share the darkest secrets that happen in the airline industry. Let’s check out some of the most disturbing facts that airlines don’t want you to find out.

1 secrets flying

Believe it or not, pilots sometimes sleep behind closed cockpit doors, at least that’s what John Greaves, airplane accident lawyer claims. “Do pilots sleep in there? Definitely. Sometimes it’s just a ten-minute catnap, but it happens,” he said. The thing is, unless there’s a malfunction, planes are capable of flying themselves.

2 secrets flying

Has a flight attendant ever told you that you have just 20 seconds before to put on the oxygen mask in case of emergency before you pass out? We doubt it. We don’t want to scare you, but keep in mind that if the plane is full oxygen that comes out of the mask lasts for only 15 to 20 minutes.

3 secrets flying

Almost all pilots get struck by lighting sooner or later, but don’t be scared if it happens on your flight. Airplanes are built to take it. Just know that when you see a big flash and hear a boom, your airplane was most likely struck by lightning.

4 secrets flying

You may feel safer when your airplane is flying over the water, but in reality it’s nearly impossible to land a plane on water. “We call it ‘crashing into the ocean,'” says a pilot from Manchester.

5 secrets flying

Don’t drink the water unless you see a flight attendant pour it from the bottle. The reason is that “tap” water on the airplane is not sterilized and some people have gotten sick from it. Take a Soda or anything that comes in a can, and you’ll be safe.

6 secrets flying

Pilot and his co-pilot aren’t allowed to have the same meal. They would risk their jobs if they ever took something off of each others plate. Why? Because if one gets food poisoning and is unable to control the aircraft, the other one has to be able to land the aircraft.

7 secrets flying

Did you ever think about tipping your flight attendant? Thought so. People rarely do it and they don’t make a lot of money so if you tip them, chances are they’ll pay extra attention to you and will probably slide you a few free drinks.

8 secrets flying

Never drink the water in airplane’s bathroom. It is definitely not clean. If you’re really thirsty just ask your flight attendant for a bottle of water.

9 secrets flying

Diseased people and human organs are sometimes on the same flight as you. They are usually located underneath in the cargo. Of course, no company talks publicly about it because they don’t want to creep people out.

10 secrets flying

If you’re a clean freak, you may want to bring your own wipes and clean your seat and food tray yourself, because most of the stuff on airplanes isn’t very clean, including blankets and pillows they give you.

11 secrets flying

The earphones they give you on a flight aren’t new, even if they appear to be packaged. They are actually collected after the flight and then sent back to the company that provides them, where they are cleaned and repackaged.

12 secrets flying

If one engine on the aircraft fails, chances are you won’t even know about it. “We are trained never to tell the true extent of a situation. Most planes fly fine with just one engine, so we wouldn’t even tell you if one had failed. Equally, you will never hear us mention zero visibility, instead we may just say there’s ‘some’ fog,” said an EasyJet captain.

13 secrets flying

Traveling with a baby in your lap is not particularly safe, claims Patrick Smith, the author on askthepilot.com. He says that in case of an impact or deceleration “there’s a good chance you’re going to lose hold of your kid, and he becomes a projectile. But the government’s logic is that if we made you buy an expensive seat for your baby, you’d just drive, and you’re more likely to be injured driving than flying.”

14 secrets flying

The reason why they dim the interior lights during landing at night isn’t because it’s prettier that way, but because your eyes will be adjusted to darkness and you can evacuate more easily in a case of an emergency.

15 secrets flying

Flight attendants know that toilets in airplanes are so dirty and they rarely use them. “To be honest I only use the lavatories on the airplane if I need to wash my hands or if I absolutely have to go to the bathroom. If it’s a short flight and I can leave the plane, I’m definitely waiting until I can use the bathroom in the airport,” said Kelly Goodnuff.

16 secrets flying

Most flight attendants will tell you that they are eating the same meals as you are, but this is not the case. Their meals are slightly better and feature fresh fruits, fancy bread rolls, deserts and beverages.

17 secrets flying

Think twice before choosing to fly your pets, because conditions for them are far from ideal. “While your airline will take the best possible actions, some things cannot be avoided, like the noise on the ramp. I cannot stand out there without ear protection, and imagine your pet sitting out there on the ramp waiting to be loaded onto the plane being exposed to the same amount of noise I am,” claims one flight attendant.

18 secrets flying

If you’re traveling with a music instrument you should never check it! People who load airplanes with bags often toss them, even if they’re marked as fragile. They simply don’t care, because they generally have very low wages.

19 secrets flying

If you’re ever on a flight and it gets hijacked while still on the ground, just know that pilots are trained to handle situations like this and let the watchers know there’s a problem without being noticed (for example, they could leave the wings up during takeoff). If the plane gets hijacked during the flight, then it’s a bit harder to let someone know what’s going on, but it’s still possible.

20 secrets flying

Don’t get scared if there’s a hard landing during a storm. Pilots do this on purpose to avoid hydroplaning, so keep that in mind the next time this happens and you think to yourself — “wow, this pilot really sucks.”