Bringing the Olympics to a country can be extremely costly. For example, the Olympics set Sochi back $51 billion, Beijing $44 billion and Athens $15 billion. But at least the next generations have amazing infrastructure that they can use to get active, right? Not exactly! Just take a look at these spooky abandoned Olympic venues from around the globe.

1 olympic venues

Back in 1984, Sarajevo became the first communist city to host the Winter Olympics, and they did a pretty good job at it. Unfortunately, the venue looks completely different these days…

2 olympic venues

Can you believe these ski jumps were once used for the Olympics? Neither can we…

3 olympic venues

The nearby judge’s box looks particularly eerie nowadays…

4 olympic venues

This is what the bobsleigh track looked like during the Sarajevo Winter Olympics. Read on to see what conditions it’s in these days…

5 olympic venues

Today it’s completely covered and graffiti and people sometimes use it for BMX races.

6 olympic venues

No matter how bad the athlete’s village looked to contenders during recent Olympic Games in Rio, it’s definitely several leagues above this hotel in Sarajevo, which is located near the aforementioned ski jump.

7 olympic venues

The beautiful swimming pool complex used during the 2004 Olympics Games in Athens looks like this today…

8 olympic venues

Pools are completely filthy and polluted, but at least these guys found their new home.

9 olympic venues

Most of the stadiums constructed for the Olympics Games in Athens are complete ghost towns now. Greece’s economic frailties definitely played a big role in this…

10 olympic venues

Some people still use the tracks, but that doesn’t mean they’re in good shape.

11 olympic venues

Greece had the idea to turn the Olympic Village into public housing, but that obviously didn’t happen.

12 olympic venues

Numerous families applied to live here, but the entire project fell through…

13 olympic venues

This is what the $51 billion complex in Sochi looks like today, just two years after the event. The roads are extremely quiet around it and almost none of the buildings are used today. We can’t imagine what it’ll look like in 10 years.

14 olympic venues

Like we previously mentioned, China spent $44 billion on the 2008 Olympic Games. This particular venue shown during the opening ceremony was really impressive!

15 olympic venues

This is what the venue looks like today…

16 olympic venues

Beach volleyball facility in Beijing isn’t doing much better. As seen above, panels on the outside are already falling off.

17 olympic venues

Nini and Yingying, two of five mascots for the Olympic Games in Beijing lie completely unwanted near the never-completed mall near the venues in Beijing.

18 olympic venues

Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics in 1996. Just a year later, the baseball stadium that was used during the Games was demolished and turned into 4,000 parking spaces.

19 olympic venues

This tennis court and facility was built for the Atlanta Summer Olympics. Not too long after the Olympics, the venue became a money loser. It didn’t take long for it to become a perfect set for a post-apocalyptic movie…

20 olympic venues

You definitely can’t really blame Germans for abandoning the site of 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics. After all, Berlin’s Olympic village was later used by Nazis as barracks for the German army. However, perhaps they could’ve turned it into something more useful…