Back in 1977 George Lucas’ first Star Wars movie hit the big screen and became an enormous success. Nearly 40 years and six movies later, the franchise is bigger than ever. Fans of all ages love the epic movies set in space, and can’t wait for Episode VIII to hit the cinemas in late 2017. While we’re patiently waiting for the release of the newest film in the saga, let’s have a look at these rare behind-the-scenes photos. We bet Star Wars will never look the same after you’ve seen these 37 vintage photos.

1 star wars rare

Behind the scenes of the legendary “I am your father” scene from Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.

2 star wars rare

Carrie Fisher, who portrayed Princess Leia, napping on the icy planet of Hoth during her break.

3 star wars rare

Mark Hamill with his puppet mentors. OK, just one of them was his mentor…

4 star wars rare

Even R2-D2 has to take a break to grab a bite every once in a while.

5 star wars rare

Is C-3PO drinking water or oil? Hmmm…

6 star wars rare

Yes, that’s how small AT-ATs actually were.

7 star wars rare

You may think that this scene was capture somewhere in Amazonia, but it was actually done entirely in a London studio.

8 star wars rare

The actors who played Chewbacca and R2-D2 taking a well-deserved break.

9 star wars rare

The cast taking a few moments to celebrate Sir Alec Guinness’ (Obi-Wan Kenobi) birthday. They even brought the cake!

10 star wars rare

Did Han Solo ever found out about this?

11 star wars rare

Apparently, the actor behind C-3PO had a lot of problems with the suit while they were shooting scenes in warm areas. Back in 1983 he was interviewed by People magazine and told them he “would have liked to smash the costume up with a sledgehammer.”

12 star wars rare

Carrie Fisher and her stunt double catching some sun in the off time.

13 star wars rare

Oh my God! Princess Leia truly got around…

14 star wars rare

No one is allowed to sit in a Sith Lord’s lap. No one!

15 star wars rare

That epic fall doesn’t look so epic now, does it?

16 star wars rare

Boba Fett looks a bit less threatening without the helmet, wouldn’t you agree?

17 star wars rare

Carrie Fisher enjoying the beach in her famous Princess Leia’s gold bikini.

18 star wars rare

That’s how lightsabers looked before special effects were added. Pretty disappointing, right?

19 star wars rare

“Be careful with that thing Luke.”

20 star wars rare

Sometimes you just have to yell at your cast and George Lucas definitely knew that.

21 star wars rare

Instead of hiring thousands of extras, Star Wars creators used this clever painting. That’s how it had to be done before CGI was a thing.

22 star wars rare

That must have been one hell of a story…

23 star wars rare

Caught in the act!

24 star wars rare

Harrison Ford helping out his fellow actor Anthony Daniels get up on his feet. Apparently, the suit for C-3PO was very clunky, which made movement very difficult for the actor.

25 star wars rare

Getting a bit too touchy with your sister there Luke…

26 star wars rare

Cloud City was obviously too boring for Carrie Fisher.

27 star wars rare

An artist doing final touches on R2-D2.

28 star wars rare

It seems nobody really wanted this photo to be taken, except for that one Stormtrooper.

29 star wars rare

And you were wondering how Chewy’s hair always looked so perfect…

30 star wars rare

Darth Vader like you’ve never seen him before…

31 star wars rare

Carrie Fisher doing her best R2-D2 impression.

32 star wars rare

Mike Hamill singing a bunch of autographs on the set.

33 star wars rare

When they aren’t fighting bad guys, Han Solo, Luke and Leia were sharing a box of chocolates.

34 star wars rare

And that’s how they filmed Luke Skywalker zip lining up into an AT-AT…

35 star wars rare

George Lucas and a bunch of miniatures from the Star Wars franchise.

36 star wars rare

A very rare photo of R2-D2 blueprints.

37 star wars rare

One of those Stormtroopers must have told one hell of a joke.