Napping is pretty awesome. I mean, who doesn’t love to take a nap? However, when you’re the CEO, it may not be the best idea to fall asleep at work, especially if you manage a photo editing company. While Zeev Farbman was asleep, his employees decided to take a photo go him and have some fun using their photo editing app. Let’s see what they’ve managed to come up with!

1 boss nap

This is the original photo the employees snapped. Just look at how peacefully and comfortably he’s resting…

2 boss nap

…But then this happened! Beautiful golden locks you’ve got there!

3 boss nap

Here is the boss being lifted by Rafiki from the Lion King. Hold on to your phone boss!

4 boss nap

The unfortunate CEO is seen emerging from a toothpaste tube in this extremely creative photo.

5 boss nap

He spent so much time on his smartphone that they had to surgically remove it.

6 boss nap

It was his dream to be at the Oscars. His employees made it happen!

7 boss nap

A very creative employee has given Farbman a yellow tinge, so that he could blend in with the Simpsons family.

8 boss nap

I’m pretty sure they didn’t order a sleeping CEO during the last supper.

9 boss nap

He’s a natural!

10 boss nap

Let’s just hope he doesn’t roll too far to the left… or to the right…

11 boss nap

The phone is missing in the painting. Still pretty funny, though!

12 boss nap

That just looks so wrong…

13 boss nap

Corporate meetings can be so boring!

14 boss nap

Took me a while to actually notice him in this one. Well done!

15 boss nap

I really hope he wasn’t bitten during his nap…

16 boss nap

Not tonight, baby. I’ve got a headache.

17 boss nap

The sleepy boss decided to show of his Shmoney dance moves in this one…

18 boss nap

This is how a genie feels after a night of hard partying.

19 boss nap

Looks so comfy!

20 boss nap

No time for “The Creation of Adam” right now, I have to take a nap…